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Stratford Comp High School2

Nashville, TN | Davidson County


October 3, 2009

This was my son s high school, and it is doing fine work in a very mixed, partly inner city neighborhood. He got a good education and made good friends.

Submitted by a parent

June 21, 2008

I'm a parent that have one child that just graduated in 2008, and another one that will complete in 2010. I'm not a teacher or a counseler. I help out at the school, and can be found there almost everyday of the week. I feel that this school trains any child that goes to it how to honestly compete in the real world today. I'm very pleased with the support that me and my children have received from this school. The teachers and staff has always been on hand and imformative in any thing my self and children have needed. I help with the sports program s at Stratford,and i must say that i am completely satisfied in the progress my children have made there. My 2008 son passed his act in his 20,s has a2.9 and a scholarship. Bad rep on stratford comes from deadbeat parents in any school.

Submitted by a parent

July 9, 2007

Stratford like many other high schools has had its share of problems. MNPS has worked hard to change and correct problems here. SHS has come along way and the Principals...takes more than one..have worked every hard to get a na handle on this school.

Submitted by a staff

May 17, 2006

Stratford is on of the best schools in Nashville. I feel that the lack of parent support and pre-conceived notions on the school makes Stratford look bad. Granted, there are some very bad individuals at the school, but that is only because they have not had the proper home training and were allowed to act like buffoons at other educational institutions. Negative criticism, such as those I have been reading in this forum and seeing on the news, is not helping to improve the school's rep, nor is it motivating the students to do better because they are already labeled as failures. Positive encouragement from parents and the commuinity is what is needed to better Stratford. If the students have the community and parents behind them, supporting them in extracurricular activities and the development of better academic programs,there is a better chance of improvement in the school.

Submitted by a former student

February 9, 2006

The leadership in this school is a joke. There are many highly qualified teachers that are there trying to make a difference with the kids. Unfortunately, the total lack of discipline and accountability by the students makes the learning environment all but impossible. The best thing Metro could do is get rid of the principal and put a new principal who will actually require the students to behave and do their work. There needs to be something done and fast before the place becomes nothing more than a war zone between those who actually want an education and those that are just killing time.

Submitted by a staff

November 23, 2004

I attended this High school for about one year. It does need some work but is an overall ok school. It's not my first choice for a school to attend. If I had the choice I would only go back for my friends, not the acedemic part of it all. Although they have a fairly good IT academy.

Submitted by a student

July 1, 2004

I have taught in several Nashville public schools in the past 15 years. Stratford is by far the absolute worst of them all. The leadership is poor, the behavioral and disciplinary problems are totally out of control; Metro Nashville Police are constantly there. The academics are horrible and the teachers are there, in my opinion, for the high pay, which, by the way, is, 'war pay.' I would never send my child to a Nashville public school, particularly Stratford. That is why I sent my children to Montgomery Bell Academy after elementary and middle school at Donelson Christian Academy. The total rating of the school is absolutely abysmal at best. Money won't fix the problem; it lies with parental support and forcing the students to behave and learn. Makes me sick to think of this horrible school.

Submitted by a teacher

June 18, 2003

I think that the Stratford Is a great school for your children to attend!!!The teachers a good leaders and its good in handling bad behavior.And great electives for children to explore for the real world.

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